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The Allure of German E-Cigarette Flavors
11th Oct 2016 | Posted by Vapers Tek

The Allure of German E-Cigarette Flavors

Extensive testing has occurred for every German flavored e-liquid to ensure the highest quality for consumers. Those searching for distinctive smoking experiences will find German e-cigarettes to be unparalleled.

German and European Compliance

A number of regulations are in place to govern German e-cigarette flavors. The German Registration Regulations require compliance by companies manufacturing flavorings, and every German flavored e-liquid must comply.

Additionally, an Aromas Regulation also applies to all evaporator fluids sold by German and European suppliers to ensure quality.

Potential health issues connected with the organic compound diacetyl have led to the banning of this ingredient from German e-cigarettes, which helps protect consumers' health.

Flavor Options

A wide assortment of German flavors promises an enjoyable smoking experience. Consumers can choose from options like almond, amaretto, and lime, or specialty blends like Angry Alien, Bald Eagle, Irish cream, or Winter Dream.

With acute attention to detail, unsurpassed manufacturing techniques, and only the best ingredients, flavored e-liquid promises to be distinctive and enjoyable.

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