Aqua Flavor


Tasting Notes: Fresh and clear as eigekühltes water. A refreshment for the hot and the cold days of the year.

Generic Name: Aroma, typical dosage: at VPG Base (German Flavours) 9%. Other bases such as mixing ratios, the value is adjusted accordingly.

Application: E-Liquid (according to Regulation 1334 / 2008 / EC) in propylene glycol E1520.

Warning: Highly concentrated flavor, not for direct use.

Due to individual tastes, preferences and mixing variables, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

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Work in progress

My first mix was at 5%. Mixed and filled my tank. As a shake and vape, it's very bubble gummish with a slight chemical smell. Not getting any mint or fruit at all. I plan on taking it down to 3% and see if that is better. It is a palate cleanser even though it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I'm thinking 3% and let it steep for a week and it will be good.
Posted by Tracy Hatton, 14th Mar 2017

very nice

Very refreshing flavor. I almost taste pear or melon, with a very mellow mint on the inhale. Subtlety sweet. The taste is very mellow itself at 5%. I'm definitely going to have this in rotation for summer.
Posted by Andrew , 28th Nov 2016

Not sure what to think

Still working with this one. Made at 7.5% and way too strong. I have diluted it to about 2% and it is much better but not exciting. Then again, water is rather boring on its own... personally think it needs diluted a bit more for my taste and maybe a drop or 2 of citrus. It is unique and something that should not mess with your taste buds. I vape unflavored from time to time and this is better, none of the vg sweetness, but not sure I will buy again.
Posted by JoanJ, 7th Feb 2016

The Best

Clear, smooth the best there is.
Posted by Webb, 2nd Nov 2015


This flavor is one of those excellent 'ozone' or 'atmosphere' types. The name here is pretty figurative, unless you use something like .2-.4% flavoring. I like the inhale, which is an ambiguously light pear and white grapefruit (not bitter). It does have a 'febreeze' feel to it, but does not vape like detergent at all. The aroma does match the vape flavor quite a bit, which I like. The mint is very, very subtle at 2% (what I tried) and overall very pleasing. It has steeped out well for 2 weeks (3mg) without any notable degradation or change, which I also like. When fresh (24-72hrs) I did notice that it leaves a very natural mineral finish on the tongue and mouth - very unique. I can see you hating this if you use it at suggested 9%. Great addition to light fruits and melons - good stuff standalone to clean the pallate or mixed to add that 'unknown' or 'exotic' dimension (e.g. lychee).
Posted by Alex, 10th Jun 2015

Water Wow!!!!

love this flavor. Tastes like cool mountain spring water with mint. Now why would anyone want to vape fresh water. I didn't until I tried the 2 ml sample and now I have a 10 ml bottle on the way. Absolutely perfect
Posted by 1vapeatatime, 13th Jan 2015