450 ml USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin (Palm Based)

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Highest quality Vegetable Glycerin re-bottled from USP Kosher Certified. Made in the USA. (Palm Based)

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Love this VG!!!!

Unlike the nicotine base which has numerous posts/threads, when you research VG or PG for DIY ejuice there really isn't a lot of forum posts or information as to flavor/taste/smell/mixing ability of different brands of VG/PG. So, when I initially started with DIY I ordered my PG/VG from Vapers Tek along with my nicotine base. As I said in a previous review for Vapers Tek PG - I made the mistake of buying my PG and VG bases from the company I purchase my flavors from (running low on PG/VG and already placing order with them)....Well that turned out to be a HUGE mistake! With the VG especially. The other brand had a weird smell to it and I found it offensive. In my opinion if you can smell it, then it has to do something to the flavor as well. We all noticed the difference in smell and taste of the juices mixed with the inferior brand of VG/PG. I know a lot of people say it doesn't matter what brand of VG/PG you use, just get whatever....but I disagree! I can definitely tell a difference! I also found when I would shake a freshly mixed bottle of juice it would turn cloudy....never saw that when I was using all Vapers Tek brand for my VG/PG. I personally believe that Vapers Tek PG and VG is worth the extra cost....it's HIGH quality and PURE. Vapers Tek gets your order out quickly, packed well, and they keep you updated on order status throughout the process. They really do believe in customer satisfaction! Highly recommend all of their products!
Posted by RH_Orlando, 5th May 2015