450 mL EU Sourced Nicotine (100 mg USP/EP)


450mL bottle of nicotine which is:

  • sourced from the EU
  • in either PG or VG based
  • 100 mg/mL concentration
  • USP/EP pharmaceutical grade
  • All Chemnovatic Nicotine is mixed and sealed in an inert atmosphere reducing oxygen exposure prior to your use
  • It is recommend that you store your nicotine in the freezer at -10 degrees F to keep clear and last.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Height 7.600
Depth 2.440
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5 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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Only nicotine I will order. Best quality and shelf life is great. Fast shipping and great customer service.
Posted by Matthew Keith, 18th Jul 2018


Suberb quality nic- smooth, completely flavourless and zero bitterness or aroma. This is next level compared to my previous batch of nic sourced from elsewhere. Also fast shipping arrived at my door in rural Australia within a week. 11/10 many thanks!
Posted by Frank Scholz, 29th Jun 2018


Congrats to the team at Vapers Tek! I have never tasted a more tasteless & odorless Nic since i have been Vaping. I have tried many types of mixed nics and a few 100mg pure's, but this is special. I brought the 400ml with express postage and it was at my door (North Sydney AUS ) from Fed-ex in three days (EST). its important to be confident in what you vape and all this bottle has shown me is that everything ive had in the past has been rubbish. solid job guys, keep up the good work. Aussie's - buy form Vapers it'll blow your crowd away! cheers
Posted by Wilbo Baggins, 19th Apr 2018

100mg Nicotine

High quality , clean product and well packaged, good service. A+
Posted by Mike, 28th Mar 2018

Best Nic Available

After trying many other companies nicotine, I was told about VapersTek. This is the best nicotine I have found. smooth, clean, tasteless. Very happy repeat customer right here.
Posted by Traci S., 9th Feb 2018

Good, Clean, Tasteless Nicotine

I've tried at least 5 different nicotine companies. I thought I had found a good nic company for my e-juice until I went to get more and they had shut down :( A few googling minutes later, I found VapersTek. The price point threw me off at first, but I decided to give it a shot and man am I glad I did! Even the bottle that it comes in is superior to any other company I've ordered from before. It has all of the proper NFPA Diamond symbols and warnings all across the label. Also the bottle looks jet black, but if you have a bright enough light, you can see through it.Just ever so slightly. The only thing they could do better is if it came in glass. But that's okay because I put mine into little glass vials anyways. Now onto the nicotine itself. Best nicotine I have ever tried personally. As tasteless as you can get as far as I'm aware. Again, I'm certainly no pro, but I have spent hundreds of dollars across 4 other companies and so far this one tops them all. Since using VapersTek nicotine, I've had numerous customers tell me how smooth my juice is compared to my previous batches. They actually had to second guess my measuring and asked if I put the correct amount of nicotine in it. I told them to take another vape and they smiled. You know, once they felt the nicotine hit :) All in all, I'm definitely going to be a returning customer. This is my second purchase from VapersTek and is sure to not be my last!
Posted by Trey, 20th Jun 2016

vapers tek nic

the best nic you can get, its all i use, and all i will ever use. great service, awesome product!!! thanks VT team!!!!
Posted by undefined, 1st Apr 2016

Top quality

This is the second tme I've ordered from VapersTek and I am not disappointed. The nicotine is of the highest quality. The shipping is fast and the contents are always packaged nicely. I won't go anywhere else for my nicotine needs.
Posted by Wesley, 30th Mar 2016

100 mg Premium Nic

Very very happy. Quickest postage I've used to date also for posting to Perth Australia. Other venders takes weeks. Thanks, much appreciated :)
Posted by Jeff, 16th Nov 2015